Make a merit in Songkran Festival and Alpacas in Ratchaburi

*~ far mai leaw la na nong
song kran row rong thom nong plang thon
nong yhai ja thon ba thone thon
thong yok thong yhon yao yuan yua jai ~*

[Karaoke - Thai song] Ram-wong Songkran 
(Thai folk dance in Songkran festival)

Songkran festival has passed. we are ready  to come back to work, aren't we. 
(13-15 April is Songkran festival in Thailand)


In the past Songkran period (13-14 April),
apart from going to make merit as our culture.
My home went to pay respect to Buddha and Sacred items.


After that I wanted to have lunch, and I preferred some restaurant.
There is "Alpaca Ratchaburi" 

Route to restaurant is easy to go. If you come from Bangkok through Phetkasem rd, turn right at Bangpae junction. And go ahead to Photharam, before traffic circle you will see the alpaca sign then turn left and follow signs.


cosy atmosphere 

First at all we started with lunch!
1) Black tofu fried with basil
2) Fried cabbage with fish source
3) Tom Yum Koong with coconut palm tip
(Thai spicy soup with shrimps and coconut palm tip)
4) German pork hocks

We continued with desserts
My mother like star gooseberry ice-cream flavors sprinkle on top with salt and pepper.
My big brother and I ate magaron and fresh milk. And my father ordered cappuccino coffee.
(I really apologized I forgot to take photos in some menus. 

We went there 4 person and we spent 1,304 Baht (about 40 US dollar).
it's worthwhile to pay compared with food and services. 

After that we were ready to meet Alpacas. 

Because of Thailand weather, it's very hot at noon.
Alpacas have stayed in air-condition room. 
And we have to paid 40 Baht (about 1.2 US dollar) to buy carrot for entrance alpaca room.
My mom said "Alpaca fur very soft." 

Finally, I have preferred this restaurant.
Delicious, good view and you can see Alpacas. 



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